Going Virtual


Monday night Restorative yoga at The Wheaton Park District is going Virtual due to increased Covid risk and tier 3 mitigations in our area. We will continue the remainder of our fall session via zoom meetings. The Wheaton Park District will be sending you a link to join. This class is also open for prorated registration if anyone new would like to join. Please bare with me as I try to figure out all the technological aspects. As you know, I was just finally figuring out the lights in our studio!!

Winter session will also be virtual and is now open for registration online at wheatonparks.org or you can call the community center front desk to register. I want to ensure all of my students are safe and healthy, but I am so happy that we will still have a way to connect. Thank you all for your ongoing support during this stressful time!!

To enhance your yoga experience, please find a quiet place to practice in your home, preferably against a wall, take a few moments to clean or refresh your yoga space and dim the lights or light some flameless candles for ambiance if you like. Remember to bring a yoga mat, blanket (or 10), strap or robe tie or dish towel, pillow(s) or bolster would be great, blocks or chair or bench or bed or whatever props you have to make class as relaxing as possible and the reach to your toes a little less far!! Grab a ton of pillows and blankets, put on some cozy socks, make yourself some warm herbal tea, put on some soft background music or aromatherapy if you like and get ready for an evening of ultimate relaxation in your home!! Thank you again!


Carlene πŸ’œπŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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