Nourishing Tomato Pepper and Chickpea Soup

Yummm ❤️

This is my favorite soup recipe that I have adapted over the years. Nourishing, healing, healthy and so delicious. Mom life can get super busy, so I love having pre-made soup for the week that I can heat up and sip when I need a ultra healthy, satisfying and quick lunch!

Admittedly, making soup is not that quick, however, I make a vat once a week and save serving sized mason jars is the fridge and freezer for whenever I need. Soups and purées are great for winter to make sure we are getting all our nutrients and keeping the body cozy! Also, when we are feeling sick, tired, unmotivated, or depressed soup is easier for the body to digest. I usually drink mine right from the mason jar!!

Tomato Pepper and Chickpea Nourishing Soup

4-5 tomatoes

2-3 red and/or orange peppers

1 onion

2-3 Garlic cloves

1-2 cups of chickpeas

Fresh Parsley, turmeric, chili powder, sea salt and ground peppercorn to taste

Fill a large pot with water and begin to simmer. Add salt, pepper, chopped tomatoes and chickpeas.

Sauté onions, garlic and peppers on the stove top. I like using cast iron for maximum taste, and to avoid the toxins in many conventional pans.

Add sautéed veggies to pot. Add spices and herbs. Simmer for about an hour for maximum taste. Cool slightly and purée in a blender. Serve, store, enjoy!!!

Author: Carlene Haavig Yoga

Hello! My name is Carlene and I am a mom and certified yoga instructor. Thank you for joining me on my journey of motherhood, yoga, self-care, natural beauty, Ayurveda, simple + intentional living, mindfulness and all things eco friendly. Namaste!

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