How Lovely are your Branches πŸŒ²


The Holidays are still going strong over at the Haavig household!! Trying my best to be mindful each moment and working towards creating less waste and junk and clutter and business each year. I am known to keep my Christmas tree up weeks (months…) after Christmas!! Don’t judge!! Everyone else puts theirs up in October when I am still celebrating Autumn, and where I live we get more snow in January than December!!! Anyways, before you toss out your tree I wanted to throw out a few ideas of what to do with that precious pine than simply throwing it out like trash!!

*Make that tree last by watering daily!! Once it dries the needles drop!!

*Make New Year’s Wreaths for family, neighbors and friends. Simply weave pine branches into wire, shape and add ribbons, cinnamon sticks, pine cones!!

*Cut and dry pine branches and use for smudge sticks and simmer pots!! Make your house smell amazing all season long!!! Dry and simmer on the stovetop or crockpot with dried cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and dried citrus rounds. Makes for amazing homemade gifts for neighbors and friends!!

*Let the remainder of your tree dry in your backyard for a great habitat for birds and other wildlife all season. I use remainders of needles and small branches for compost and my husband eventually chops and burns the trunk and larger branches in small pieces in the backyard.

If a live tree feels like a lot of responsibility, a great eco (and low maintenance) option is adopting a live indoor fir that can live in a pot and you can enjoy it all year round!! Come the holidays, add some fairy lights and dried oranges and ohhhh so beautiful!!

Being mindful, especially during the holidays, have become part of my sacred ritual and working towards being less wasteful and more connected has made my holiday memories more magical. Finding simplicity at home and practicing gratitude for the people that I love is my seasonal intention. Live your yoga, even during the holidays!!

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