Cold Weather Care

Ayurvedic Face Steam

One of my favorite ways to nurture my immune system and take care of my skin during the cold weather months is treating myself to an Ayurvedic Face Steam. Ayurveda is the “sister science” of yoga and is the holistic practice of nurturing our health through natural medicines, including yoga, breath work, food, and herbs. Ayurveda has been practiced for over 3,000 years and the word Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit words, ayur (life) and veda (knowledge), knowledge of life. I have always been very fascinated with holistic health and natural approaches to healing the body. Every food and every herb has a healing benefit and learning how to incorporate this into our modern world is fun as well as beneficial!

A face steam is a great way to cleanse skin, open pores, remove toxins, and maintain healthy sinuses. It is ideal in preventing or helping to relieve cold and flu symptoms and is helpful for cleaning out mucus from the sinuses. All you need is water and a few dried herbs that you may already have on hand in your kitchen! You can also choose to use essential oils, or a combination of both herbs and oils!

A few recommended herbs to help clean the skin, relax the body, and prevent and aid infection in the sinuses are:





Peppermint Leaf



Lemon Peel




Geranium and Jasmine oil are my favorites for beautiful skin

Instructions for face steam use:

Heat 3 to 4 cups of water over the stovetop until a soft simmer begins. Then add all of your desired ingredients, stir to combine, and allow to simmer for two-three minutes before removing from heat.

Remove from heat to avoid burns. Drape a medium-sized towel over your head to create a tent and lower your face into the face steam. Allow 8-12 inches of space to prevent burns from hot water and steam. Enjoy for about 5-10 minutes. When finished, pat face dry and blow your nose if you are experiencing congestion. Use 1-2 times a day during cold and flu to relieve symptoms and help recover.  

Enjoy the relaxing and cleansing benefits of your face steam!!!

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