Morning Oats Revisited

It is meal prep day at my house so here is another one. I have always loved oatmeal, but really fell in love while traveling through Ireland. Creamy delicious oatmeal topped with milk and honey!! So delicious! I have used my Irish oat obsession and mixed it with my knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs to create a superfood filled breakfast meant to satisfy the stomach, keep the body healthy, hair and skin beautiful annnnnd improve mood with natural herbs. This is my quick upgrade to your morning oatmeal!!

Meal prep is so important for me when trying to eat healthy because I get so lazy!! Especially when it comes to breakfast. If I do not have something ready and easy I usually just drink coffee.

Our food not only sustains but heals the body. I look at my food and herbs as medicine and use then to heal my body and keep it healthy. This is also a great option for kiddos!!

You can use organic oats or organic quick oats for a faster weekday breakfast option!!! I bought a giant sized mason jar to fill all of my ingredients that I keep on the counter for accessible breakfast for the entire family.

Organic oats


Hemp seeds

Flax seeds

Chia seeds

Raisins or chopped dates

Unsweetened coconut flakes

Maca Root Powder ( health food stores or in bulk on Amazon)

Reishi ( health food stores or in bulk on Amazon)

Ashwagandha (health food stores or in bulk on Amazon)

Prepare on stovetop or in the microwave. Add your choice of milk and honey!!


  1. Hi Rick!! Hope you are doing well, I miss you guys!! It really depends on how much oats you use, I bought an extra giant jar and buy ingredients in bulk. If you buy a traditional size of oats, I would add about a cup of raisins or dates, 1/2 cup coconut flakes, 1 cup total of combined hemp seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds, and a tsp of maca root, asheagandha and reishi, 1-2 tbs of cinnamon. I add honey and milk after I cook it! You can also add brown sugar!! Feel free to add your own extras or omit any of my ingredients! It makes it so much easier to get in a good breakfast!!! šŸ’™


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