Missing Everyone!!

Sorry it has been a while!! ELearning has been kicking my butt and I have had very little time to myself these days. I am lucky I didn’t pursue that teaching career that I thought about for 5 seconds when I was doing wine tastings, right after I went back to school for photography and right before I started working at The Art Institute of Chicago. Way before I had kids, quit my job and decided that I wanted to be a yoga teacher and got my yoga certification. Currently feeling idle. Time is playing games with my head and days and weeks are blurring together. I honestly don’t know how this much time has passed since I last set foot in our beloved basement studio! This is what I expected quarantine to look like… lots of leisurely time with the family, lots of coffee, lots of reading and yoga, relaxing and drinking wine on the back porch, spending lots of time in nature, cleaning my house and getting home projects done, gardening, really getting into writing my blog and starting a YouTube account to do virtual yoga classes… I was actually relieved to have a break from society and have my kids home!!

I am not going to lie… that part was nice but this is what quarantine has actually looked like… lots and lots and LOTS of family time (some stressful, some relaxing, working hard to be present and enjoy my moments), lots of coffee, I have read only 2 books (but both of them have changed my life (The Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass and Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff), barely any yoga without my kids hanging on me, shooting me with nerf guns or actually punching me in the butt while I was doing uttanasana with the new boxing gloves I got them for their birthday, drinking lots of wine (maybe a little vodka too….), spending lots of time in nature, house is an absolute disaster (luckily no one is visiting!!!!), started a vegetable garden, crying more than usual, trying to remember to brush my teeth in the morning instead of just drinking 2 pots of coffee until lunch, have yet to write one blog post and have attempted 3-5 times to create a YouTube account and make a yoga video without much success.

Sorry!!!! I was hoping I would be a more connected and inspirational yoga teacher throughout this pandemic but honestly, I have been just holding on for dear life over here!! Kids are alive and I have even been cutting their hair!! My new nickname around my house is “the butcher.” The boys have been getting really into WWE Wrestling. My youngest told me the other day that my outfit looked just the like The Undertaker’s. My oldest bikes aimlessly around the neighborhood all day, wild and dirty and covered in mud with his home-done haircut like it is 1989. We have been fishing and canoeing by the lake by our house. We have been watching movies together and playing guitar. Walking around barefoot and playing in the sprinkler. Baking cookies and learning how to make homemade doughnuts. I am enjoying being slow, but what I have missed the most is teaching yoga. I miss my students!! I miss the stories, I miss the faces and the smiles. I miss tea time and talking. I miss my hot pink yoga straps and mostly I miss my community, my people, my friends, my students. Human connection is so incredibly important and one of my favorite things about teaching is watching the magic of yoga bring people together. Watching one student bring an extra blanket every week for another. Watching my students help to give each other rides to class to ensure that we can all be together. Homemade Christmas gifts from my students grandkids. Bottles of wine from those who listen when I am struggling to make speech therapy decisions for my youngest or dealing with a bully on the bus with my oldest. Yoga, after all, means “to unite.” I miss you all, I love you all. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being you and signing up for my yoga classes.

As I finish our last week of ELearning and classroom zoom chats and homemade teacher gifts that I almost missed because I am so bad at group emails (and emails in general. And phone calls and text messages. I am an air sign, after all), I am going to work hard to diligently do the very best an air sign who is at home with her kids all day and no structure whatsoever can do to keep up with my blog and start some virtual yoga classes!! Bare with me, keep following and I can’t wait until we can be together again soon! I don’t have a lot of information on when classes will resume. I know that summer camps, pool, and classes will not be in session this summer. I currently do not have any information on when we will be open again.

I am working hard on alternatives to stay connected, get on our mats, and keep practicing. I miss you all so much! Please reach out to me if you need anything!!

Namaste, Carlene 💗🧘🏻‍♀️😷

Author: Carlene Haavig Yoga

Hello! My name is Carlene and I am a mom and certified yoga instructor. Thank you for joining me on my journey of motherhood, yoga, self-care, natural beauty, Ayurveda, simple + intentional living, mindfulness and all things eco friendly. Namaste!

11 thoughts on “Missing Everyone!!”

  1. So wonderful to just see your name Carlene!! I had my knee replacement surgery on 5/15. I have been using yoga daily to stretch and meditate thank you so much for all you do!!!

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    1. So good to hear from you Mary!! I have been thinking about you and I am glad your knee replacement surgery went well! I hope to stay connected better and looking impatiently forward to seeing everyone again!


  2. Stephen Colbert asked his wife what the first thing she would do when life got back to normal and she said go to her yoga class. That’s how I feel too. Loved your blog, love and miss you. Leslie Ortman

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    1. Yes!!! I miss my regular practice and teaching schedule so much!! I hope to start doing some virtual but it is just not the same as being in a classroom! I can’t wait to see you guys hopefully soon!


  3. Hi Carlene!
    Yes, it has been a long time in quarantine. And not having camps and classes and normal recreational venues for the summer is disappointing. I will say that, thanks to your instruction and mentoring, Mary and I have been fairly successful in staying with our yoga practice. This has proven very important in managing this whole ordeal. So we look forward to the opening of your basement studio at the Rec Center and getting back into our growing in yoga. Hopefully it will come sooner than later!
    Steve Mecker

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  4. Carlene

    I’m not very good at texting so please understand, I’m old. Just wanted you to know how much I miss yoga. I’m glad you and your family are all well, at least physically. Marian and Nancy said to say hi. Well this has taken me thirty minutes to do, so I’m going to go and take a nap now. Stay well and I hope to see you soon.

    Namaste kathy


    1. Hi Kathy!!! It is so good to hear you! Thank you for the lovely card you sent me, I have been thinking about you all and I miss you so much! I am so glad everyone is doing well!!! I need a nap also, but because of my kids!!


  5. Steve and I are interested to learn if you will have any in person (masked or not) classes in the near future. Our schedules have changed a lot as we know yours has as well. This is a hard time especially on young families. We don’t mean to add to your stress; just wondering.


    1. Hi Mary!! We are doing good and hanging in there!! The coming school year has presented some challenges with my usual schedule, however, I will be returning in the fall and I will be offering a Monday night Restorative yoga at 7 pm. Masks most likely will be required and sign up information is available through the park district!! Thank you so much!! I miss you all and can not wait to be back!! 💕


    2. So good to hear from you Mary!! I will be teaching Restorative yoga on Monday nights 7-8 pm at the Community Center!!! I am unable to teach my usual morning classes because my kids will be home but I am so excited to be back! Check out the course catalog, page 32. It is posted on my latest blog post. Also safety requirements are listed in the front of the catalog. Thank you so much for your support! I miss you all so much!!


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