Laundry Day (the eco way) πŸŒΏ

My skin is so sensitive!!! My boys both inherited my super sensitive skin. Scented products, laundry detergents, soaps, if someone looks at it wrong… dryness, rashes, itchiness. Not only was I so tired of paying so much money for laundry detergent, but most of the sensitive expensive brands still caused me to breakout!! Shout and other stain removers… forget it!!! Also…. think of all of the plastic waste those laundry detergent bottles create… don’t even get me started with dryer sheets!!! Killing our planet and putting toxins on our skin! I have been perfecting my technique over the past 8 years and this is what I use!!!

Soap Berries for detergent. They are dried berries that are a naturally strong cleansing detergent and they arrive in a cardboard box! Find a reusable glass bottle and pop about 4-5 in the bottle. Boil water and let seep for 15-30 min. 1 batch usually yields about 4-6 loads of laundry. 1 box has hundreds of berries in it, it usually lasts me about 4-5 months and I do a ton of laundry!

Marseille Soap for stains. Works better than any toxin-filled spray any day… and even with all my boys, pets and lots of stains.. usually lasts about a year!!! ($9 Amazon)

Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets. Pop a dryer ball in the dryer!!! Reuse until they fall apart! I have had mine for years!!! ($8 Amazon pack of 3). I use a couple drops of diluted lavender oil on the balls for a lovely smell! An air drying rack is great for most of my clothing items but I like to use the dryer for my sheets and towels!

Sweater Bags to protect delicates. Also great for fleece and jeans to prevent fiber waste in our water and helps protect your homes water system!! Old school trick of putting pantyhose over the hose helps too!!!

Thanks so much for reading! Go make the world a better place!

Namaste πŸ’—

This is how I do my laundry!!! Works great, no toxins, low waste, saves a ton of money, and great for our planet!!! 🌎 πŸ’™

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