Gentle Morning Warm-Up Sequence

My morning routine is so sacred to me and often one of the only times during the day that I have to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I struggle waking up early, I struggle getting out of bed, sometimes I don’t get out of bed. When I do I feel so much better. I am working on making my morning routine stronger and more fulfilling. I wake up early, start a pot of coffee, sometimes dry brush my skin and then a little bit of yoga or stretching. I love waking up and moving before I start my day and whether I wake up and exercise or practice yoga for 20-30 minutes or just 5 minutes of gentle stretching, getting the body moving, stretching and breathing has so many health benefits and makes me feel great starting out my day! I follow my stretching or yoga routine with a warm glass of lemon water. Then coffee… Looking for a place to start for a super short morning yoga/stretching routine? Try this out in bed or a chair!

Urdvha Hastasana

Begin gently warming up the spine my extending the arms over head. Keep the belly lifted and the chest open. Reach through the arms. Slightly tuck your chin so your gaze in on the horizon. Hold as long as comfortable.


Ardha Candrasana 1

Extend the arms over head. Gently holding the right wrist with the left hand, palm open towards the ceiling. Inhale as you reach through the arms, exhale the gently bend to the left. Hold aslong as feels comfortable. Switch sides.


Gentle Twist

Find a comfortable seated position on your bed or chair. Inhale as you extend the arms over head; exhale as you gently twist to the right. Moving slow and gently warning up into this posture. Hold as long as comfortable, breathing in and out through the nose. Make sure you release from your twist very slowly. Switch sides.


Seated Cat/Cow

Seated on your bed or chair, inhale as you stretch your arms behind your back, gently holding onto the back of your chair or clasping the hands together. Pressing softly out through the chest and gently opening the neck as you draw your shoulder blades closer together and round the entire spine forward.


Exhale as you release your arms forward stretched out in front of you, Gently tucking the chin and rounding the shoulders forward as you curl the entire spine back towards the back of your chair.


Warrior 1

Take a wide leg stance using the bed or your chair for balance if needed. Front heel is approximated aligned with the back heel, but adjust as needed for balance. Gently facing the hips forward, reaching through the arms and dropping the front knee to about a 90 degree angle. It is ok if the knee doesn’t come all the way down to a 90 degree angle but be sure that the knee never drops over the ankle to maintain support and safety. Hold as long as comfortable, switch sides.


Tabletop/Downward Facing Dog

Feet are about hip distance apart but feel free to distance them a bit more if necessary for balance and stability. Inhale as you reach the arms overhead, exhale as you hinge forward lengthening your arms across your bed. Reaching the arms forward as you press the thighs back towards the back of the room. Hold as long as comfortable and come up very slowly.


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