Long Way to Go

Thank you so much for reading my first post! My name is Carlene and I am a mom, yoga teacher, and existentialism enthusiast. My inspiration for this blog was my amazing students. When I first started teaching yoga I began occasionally giving my students handouts. Copies from magazines or books that inspired me, things I wrote myself, info on posture, alignment and anatomy, sequencing ideas, self-care tips, the list goes on… My students loved all of the extra take home info!!!

However, as my kids got older (busier) and I started teaching more classes, handouts became hard for me. It began to feel like a chore and would often take away from my practice and sequencing prep time. Also, as I am constantly working to reduce clutter in my home, simplify my life and be more environmentally conscious in the choices that I make it was definitely time for a change! I stopped the handouts altogether this busy summer and it gave me a lot more time to relax and reconnect.

I still love the idea of being able to share more with my students and connect off of the mat. This is how Carlene Haavig Yoga began, this is my living handout about motherhood, yoga, self-care and ayurveda, healthy eating, natural beauty, herbs and oils, simple and intentional living, mindfulness and eco friendly lifestyle. Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey as I grow, evolve, manifest and dig a little deeper into this raw, rare and beautiful existence.

Namaste, Carlene


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